Tech Group


  • Discuss 2-3 circuits (40-minutes)
  • Discuss one full length research paper (20-minutes)
  • Spot programming questions (30-minutes)

Who can join: Anyone interested in design and implementation of electronic circuits. Not limiting to EC folks we will hold 30 min slot for programming/scripting stuff along with CS guys. CS guys are also invited.

Outcomes:  This effort will focus on collaborating EC guys with CS guys. As most of you already knew that EC department is quite premature in IIITD in comparison to CS department so initiatives like this will help everyone to focus-learn-contribute-grow.

Preferred Timings: Every Wednesday 10:00 pm -11:30 pm

Minimum members required to form a group: 20

Volunteers required: 2  (MTech, 13 is preferred)

Updates (10th September, 2013) :

  1. Dr. Pankaj approved our suggestion for a group focussed on circuit design.
  2. Keeping the rigour maintained we can get funding for our projects as well.
  3. Soon we can have some senior guys from machine learning and  programming background in our group.
  4. Ground floor – library building will be the Venue (Probably the first room).
  5. Pico projector (Portronics) is available.
  6. Blog with group name will be up soon (Suggestions invited- e.g “Takneek”).

Updates from your side:

  1. 2-Volunteers for time scheduling and managing (Gaurav you’re most welcome).
  2. One person will bring in new schematic for discussion and one will present a full length paper (Relaxed for first time).
  3. This group is for “everyone” and you are free to give suggestions please come forward to manage.



8 thoughts on “TechGroup

    • Hi,

      Spot programming means all of us will pick a random ques for programming and will do it in . I believe that most of us including me are not good at programming so we shall spend some time to improve it. Everyone is free to post here soon I will start a blog for group and hopefully you guys can manage.

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