Some insights from GE India’s public hangout on renewables in India and US

Speakers: Kannan Tinnium, [Technology lead], Arvind Tiwari, [Manager Renewable Generation Team], Rajendra Naik, [Senior Principal Engineer], Katheine.

Topic-1: Why Indian Grid is Different ?

  1. Indian grid relies on coal, gas and renewables like wind, solar. Due to weakeness of grid it is hard to even integrate renewables to the grid.
  2. Grid is not reliable. We have lot of power outages, blackouts, long detection and recovery time.
  3. Lot many people have limited access to electricity and most of them get intermitent power during portions of day.

Topic-2: Why Grid level research is important, issues being faced ?

  1. Intermittent nature of generation and distribution.
  2. Bad power quality and stability of grid.