About Me


Technical Skills

Programming Languages:

  1. Embedded C programming
  2. C (with graphics and In-line assembly)
  3. Assembly language programming (x51, x85, x86 processors)
  4. Python (Numpy, Pandas)
  5. Verilog
  6. Shell scripting

EDA & Simulation Tools:

Matlab, PSpice(MicroSim), LT-Spice, ISIS Proteus, Microcap, Advanced Design Systems (Agilent), Wireshark, AVR-GCC, WINAVR, GCC-MinGW, AVR-Studio, CV-AVR, GNU-Makefiles, GNU-Radio, Xilinx ISE, Cadsoft Eagle, Orcad Capture, Altium.

Hardware familiarity:

  1. Digital Sensors: TMP275(TI), APDS-9300(Avago), ISL29101 (Intersil), OPT101(TI), TSL235R(TAOS), DS18B20 (Maxim)
  2. Modules: ENC28J60 Ethernet Controller, Zigbee(Xbee PRO), CC2500(TI), MRF24J40MA (802.15.4 Wireless Radio), MRF24WB0MB(Microchip 802.11 b/g Wi-Fi), RN-42(Bluetooth Roving networks), Graphic LCD(KS0108, T6963C).
  3. Microcontroller Platforms: Atmel(AVR ATmega, AT-Tiny), Microchip PIC24F, NXP LPC1768, CC1350 wireless MCU.
  4. Data Acquisition and computing Platforms: USRP N200(ETTUS-SDR), Redpitaya, Raspberry Pi, MDO-4104(Tektronix), Spectrum Analyser N9000A CXA(Agilent), NI USB 6259, Keithley Source meter.

Awards & Achievements

2017.01 – Awarded prestigious Building Energy Efficiency Higher & Advanced Network (BHAVAN) Fellowship’17 ($20,000) supported by the Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India, and the Indo-U.S. Science and Technology Forum (IUSSTF) for interning at University of Washington, Seattle for a period of six months.
2016.05 – Awarded best paper award at Non-intrusive load monitoring workshop’16 held  in Vancouver, Canada.
2016.03 – Awarded Internet of Things (IoT) Technology Research Award by Google Research
2015.09 – Awarded $12,000 worth support from Ubicomp Lab (UW) and as part of Overseas Research Fellowship (ORF) from IIIT-Delhi, for  six months (Feb’16 to Aug’16) research internship at Ubicomp Lab, University of Washington, USA.
2015.05 – Our team wins Most Popular Prototype Award at ST Microelectronics University Design Contest’15.
2015.01 – Travel and lodging grant by Microsoft Research India for Microsoft Techvista – 2015.
2015.01 – TCS Research Ph.D. fellowship (covering tuition fees and stipend for 4 years, support for participation in 1 International conference and 2 Indian conferences and contingency, starting from January 2015).
2013.11 – Best Idea selected at five-year ceremony of IIIT-Delhi for setting up a dedicated hardware design club at IIIT-Delhi.
2012.06 – Consultant for Hp educational services during their Summer Training Program, 2012.
2011.03 – Best B.Tech Project Award in whole university for Web Based Wireless Grid Control (WBWGC).
2010.03 – Second Best Hardware Design Award in MDU university for Secure Access using Handheld Automated System (SAHAS).

Professional Activities

2017.12 – Joined Mentor Together as a volunteer

2017.01 – Co-organising 7th Annual Research Showcase (RS’17) at IIIT-Delhi.

2015.07 – Co-founder  D-I-Y Lab ‘Dexter Inside’ at IIIT-Delhi along with Sanchit Agarwal (B.Tech IIIT-D ECE’12). The purpose is to promote maker-culture at IIIT-Delhi. Currently mentoring hardware design projects at Electroholics (housed in DIY Lab).

2015.01 – Organised 5th Annual Research Showcase (RS’15) at IIIT-Delhi in a team size of 3 and lead 6 management and design teams. Introduced 2 new events for the first time (Elevator Pitch and IOT Hackathon) within the existing theme of RS and also channelised the funding from corporate partners.

2013.11 – Wrote the first proposal for a dedicated hardware design club at IIIT-Delhi (with a vision of long term projects like cubeSAT). Awarded a token of appreciation from the Director for the same on five-year ceremony of IIIT-Delhi.

Professional Service

  • Session chair for two RTES (Real-time Embedded Systems) sessions in IEEE WECON’16
  • Reviewer for IEEE Pervasive Computing (Feb’16), IEEE WECON’16
  • External reviewer for ACM Ubicomp’15, ACM UIST’16, ACM Ubicomp’16, ACM Ubicomp’17, Ubicomp’18
  • PC for NILM Workshop’16, NILM Workshop’18, IIITD’s Annual Research Showcase RS’15, RS’16 and RS’17

Conferences/Workshops Attended

  • Attended and presented iAWE work at Annual Research Showcase’ 2014 of IIIT-Delhi.
  • Attended 12th ACM Conference on Embedded Networked Sensor Systems (SenSys 2014), held in Memphis, USA.
  • Attended and presented my work at First International Conference on Embedded Systems For Energy-Efficient Buildings (Buildsys’14) from November 5-6, held in Memphis, USA.
  • Attended and presented EMI sensing work at Annual Research Showcase’ 2015 of IIIT-Delhi.


  • UW Affiliates day (Nov’2017)
  • NSF (Nov’17)
  • Fetch remaining from yearly notes.