Q & A session with PK on PhD & its validation in real-world

Mantras which PK practiced until 2009 for his graduation from CMU:

— WeakTies
— Black Friday Letter
— There is no magic!
— Being opportunistic pushes you to try new things
— Look for problems around you
— PushingLimits –> StartFromScratch

Learnings from his PhD:

— Time constrained meeting slot of 30 minutes

— PhD can not be prescribed!

— It is not about what you say that matters, it is all about what you do that matters

— Get undergrads and grads for engineering jobs

Learnings from CMU:

— Beggars can not be choosers; however, one who is best does not care for remarks!

Learnings from his Life (Wombat):

— Money is the most useless thing of our life! It can not enforce anything and is only meant to support few things in our life.

Some basic questions about his recent work ‘Killfie’.
Personal thoughts: Really amazed by the impact of this work. I can imagine this to be the next Wombat after 10 years (*1 year).
  • What was the intuition behind this idea? Mailing list->2016 someone died->Nothing researchy or scientific->Collected dataset->Nov’16 published a report->Next week or ten days were full of madness (media) with in 24 hours. [Learning: Always on lookout for sexy phenomenon]
  • You stressed a lot on deaths arising from selfie but what was depth at which you compared with groupfie (group pictures)? What all dimensions have you explored on this front. Numbers->India is the only country in the world where with once incident multiple people die.
  • Last and the most fundamental question: Why people are so keen to take selfies even when they could anticipate that it could be hazardous and can possibly lead to their death. Risk taking, social currency!!!