My Work

  • Ethernet Based Wired Sensor Network for Smart Room Project (IIITD)

Phase-II                                                                                               Duration: Feb 2013-Present

The base concept of this project is similar to previous one but here roof-mounted sensors are connected to Microcontroller platform over CAT-6 Cable. Here sensor selection was most challenging part was available majority of Light sensors available I2C, SMBus, Analog, Square wave output. Analog output light sensors were not in the list as significant amount of noise is induced over long length communication. In case of I2C, SMBus both the bus protocols have resiliency to long length communication (>2 meters). Finally a low-cost MCU was used for I2C to UART protocol conversion. In first phase 25 nodes will be deployed, eventually 400 nodes would be deployed.

Status: Successfully tested 1 prototype along with design of 25 nodes planned to be deployed by June 2013.

  • Time and Presence Based Actuation (IIITD-TCIL)                  Duration: Jan 2013-Feb 2013

This project was kind of application that we have built for TCIL having Wi-Fi based Wireless Sensor Node along with power actuation circuits. It was kind of application where user can actuate appliances  in real time using SensorAct (Middleware) based on Time or presence based rules along with various thresholds for presence sensing (like if no motion {Threshold-1}  was sensed for last 20 min than turn appliance off and if motion is sensed for 2 min than Turn On the appliance {Threshold-2}).

  • Wi-Fi based Wireless Sensor Network for Smart Buildings Project (IIITD)

Phase-I                                                                                              Duration: Aug 2012-Jan 2013

It includes Design and Deployment of Event Driven Wi-Fi based WSN nodes having PIC24F256GA106 16-Bit MCU from Microchip along with on board MRF24WB0MB (802.11 b/g/n Module) and Digital sensors for sensing physical parameters like Ambient Light, Temp and Motion, Occupant location using 802.15.4 based mobile Tags carried users. Beyond sampling the sensor data the firmware stores the data in to JSON format along with Timestamp taken over SNTP. Every Node broadcast a unique SSID and IP as unique identifier over which a static HTTP server publishes a P2P page which provides the user ability to configure network and server side parameters. The stored data is sent to a Central server running SensorAct (A Privacy and Security Aware Federated Middleware for Building Management developed by IIITD-UCLA).

Status: Successful Design and Deployment of 14 Nodes covering MUC Wing (6 Faculty Office, 2 PhD Labs and 1 MS LAB) and collection of sensor data for 2 months from this test bed.

  • WSN for Energy Efficiency in Buildings (Wifinity Technologies)        Aug 2011-June 2012

Designed tiny sensor motes for Ambient Temperature (DS18S20), Light (APDS-9300), Humidity (HIH-5030) sensing already been deployed in 2-3 TIER-I companies in around 500 cubicles.

Designed Test version of Smart Energy Meter based around ADE7763 Single Phase Energy Metering IC from (Analog Devices) having on board high-speed isolators along with PT and CT for voltage and current sensing.

  • WiNet (Wireless Sensor Networking) Board                                      May 2011-June 2011

Designed WiNet (Wireless Sensor Networking) Board and Course Manual for Advanced Embedded Course 2011 at HPES based on Atmel AVR ATMega128 MCU. It has built-in support for Wireless Data Transmission (via CC2500), Ethernet (via ENC28J60), Serial communication via USB, Digital Temperature & Light Sensor (TMP-275 & APDS-9300), Character LCD, GPIOs. Besides this, compiled drivers for I2C based sensors, ported TCP/IPv4 Stack and designed Webserver for controlling real time applications over Ethernet/Internet.


  • BTP: W.B.W.G.C (Web Based Wireless Grid Control)                          Aug 2010 -Mar 2011

Supervisor: – Dr Jitender Khurana   Coordinator: – Mr Sourabh Sankule (SanDisk, Bangalore)

Abstract: – Implemented a system for Automated Power Switching and Control which can be deployed for power switching and control and also for Industrial applications where user wishes to control devices remotely over internet. Microchip’s ENC28J60 Ethernet controller interfaced with Atmel’s ATmega-16 customized as a Web-Server using Open source TCP/IP stack for task of power switching and control.

This module further controls other modules for power line switching having Zigbee for inter-module wireless communication.


  • S.A.H.A.S (Security Access using Handheld Automated System)                   Mar 2010

This system consists of a portable master gadget having an ATmega16, LCD (4*20) module, 15 switch pad which sends command words serially to slave MCU inside Security barrier which controls locking action using 2 Linear Actuators. Both modules are connected via USB connectors.



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